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1) The online submission of your loan application does not imply automatic sanction of your loan. “SSA Finserv” reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to either sanction or decline the loan application.
2) The sanction will be on the basis of the standard process followed by the “SSA Finserv” and would include further interaction with the applicant as a part of due diligence in terms of additional documents, information and clarifications.
3) Your loan application means voluntary submission of information, documents and clarification without any misrepresentation, force, fraud or undue influence or lure of any kind.
4) Your submission would give automatic consent to use / process the information as may find deemed fit by “SSA Finserv” to disclose without notice to affiliates, credit bureaus, rating agencies, verification agencies including publishing of required information pertaining to credit standing.
5) Submission of application would hereby give consent to “SSA Finserv” to send updates, ask queries, call for additional information or documents by way of messages/WhatsApp messages or calls on the registered phone numbers or by email.